Happy New Year

Is it too early to be packin' me bags?

And what shall I be packin' for an early spring vacation to England, Scotland, and Wales?

England! Scotland!! Wales!!! Oh my.

I can hardly believe it. We booked our flights this morning after Kate sent a breathless message on Facebook about fares -- and, of course, I had to call her up -- and, of course, over she came -- and we just ran with it.

Whew! We've been planning, watching, and saving ever since Maddy's decision to study a semester abroad... My First Passport arrived on my birthday... and now it's, like, FOR REAL!

This is good.



It's wonderful and I'm so excited for you!


That sounds wonderful!


You are starting the year off right (even if your travel date is a couple of months away)! I can't wait to see the pictures you take of your trip!


Wonderful news! I know you'll have a brilliant time! Pack yarn! :D :D


I am SO excited for you!


How wonderful! Good on you! I don't really know you (just read your blog)but I feel so happy for you! Very exciting news!! I too can't wait to see the pics!


I truly want to go back to England! Scotland is also a dream trip for me. My dad always spoke of taking the train from his airbase in England to Scotland on leave during WWII and I love to do the same!


Well, hey! Congratulations! And of course, if you happen to be passing through Cambridge... and have some spare time... We're pretty friendly round here!


Awesome! Remember, things are a lot cheaper in rural Scotland than in London so plan to spend time there :) I have never been to Wales so cannot speak to that.

Hey, you are going to Wales -- go see Brenda Dayne! I am sure she wouldn't mind the odd American tourist dropping in for tea. ("Odd" as in "occasional, unexpected", not "odd" as in "strange")


No way! If you are interested, I recommend youth hostels as they are great ways to save money to spend on food and yarn. Plan ahead, and you can get private doubles, if you aren't ready for barracks living. Oh, and if you can, try to go to Conwy, one of my all time favorite places in Wales. And Chester in England... and Avebury, which is the cheap version of Stonehedge, where you can actually touch the stones... Mad Max tours out of Bath, if you're interested. :)


How wonderful! And thanks for the reminder to renew my passport!


While you're packing. . . why don't you see if you can find room to pack ME along with you! Sounds like a wonderful trip. . . and you'll be able to dream about it all through the hard, cold winter!

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