Ten on Tuesday: Let's Play!
Ten on Tuesday: Darling, you look... mahvelous!


Rhymes with cheese, right? Hahaha. No. As my darling daughter pointed out with NO MERCY, no. Child, I am from WISCONSIN!! Well, she mostly is, too; but unlike me, she's been twice to Italy, has taken classes in Italian, and has recently been speaking Italian with a fellow at work.

So we're in my car on Saturday, on a bit of a yarn crawl to Green Bay and Manitowoc, and I'm telling her about Montparnasse -- the sweater with a French name that I'm making to wear to the U.K. -- and that the color is Pesto Genovese (rhymes with cheese), and so maybe because of that I should be taking my sweater to Italy, too. And I get the look. And then a little lesson.

And now I know that nearly every letter in an Italian word is pronounced: geno-VAY-zay! Okay!!

And, you know? This is good. Our kids are supposed to know more than we do!

It was a fun day on Saturday, and I really needed a day like that. The weather was cold but sunny, so pretty great for a wintry yarn-crawl road trip. We went to Patti's Yarn Shop and Monterey Yarn, both in Green Bay; while quite different in atmosphere, they're both nice shops and between them, you'll find just about anything you'd need. We found a little something at both. I didn't do any double-checking beforehand, so we learned the hard way that the shop in Manitowoc had closed last fall. We stumbled upon a little indoor market, instead, where I picked up a couple delicious loaves of bread, and then we found some lunch.

I made myself go to the last holiday party of the season on Saturday evening and had a great time with my photography group!

And on Sunday, of course, there was football. Green & Gold fever has been ramping up pretty good around here over the past couple of weeks, and I'm afraid that by the end of the next two weeks even I am going to be sick and tired of the Green Bay Packers...


Go Pack Go!



Well, if you're an old-school mobster, it still rhymes with cheese. Actually niece, I think.


I didn't know how to say it either. And Hannah always takes great pleasure in pointing out those flaws in me, as well! I'm excited about your Packers. Hell, if it couldn't be my Pats then it might as well be your Pack.

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

Go Packers!


I was SO delighted to hear your Packs won!


Lol! Thanks for the quick Italian lesson. Since our home team (Pats) didn't make it, we were rooting for the packers!

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