Ten on Tuesday: Intentions
Happy New Year

This just makes me wanna say...

"YAY!  It's the WEEKEND!!"

I've been going through and sorting, saving, scanning photos of Sharon and for a woman who balked whenever a camera appeared, she sure looks great in photos -- and had a lot of fun wherever she went!

It's a four-day weekend, too, so really... "YAY!"

Tomorrow night we'll gather with family and friends to... laugh and cry and hug and mourn and celebrate.  Hopefully, the stupid weather will cooperate and people can safely travel.  This is not the time of year in Wisconsin that one likes to hear "rain" in the weather forecast.

On Saturday, Karen's family will depart after a near week-long visit!  It's gone very, very well... and much cleaning has been done at my house while I've been at work these past few days... or just standing around after work watching.  Thanks Karen!  I owe you BIG TIME!  Maybe I'll get that Habu bag worked up that you've been waiting forever for and hinted about the other day.  I should have known, with a memory like an elephant, that you hadn't forgotten.

I might dismantle the tree on Saturday afternoon... or not.  On Sunday there's a football game.  On Monday, I might knit and watch movies all day.  We'll see.

In case I don't make it back, Happy New Year to you and yours -- seriously, bring it 2011 -- and also Thank You.




I hope the weather doesn't screw up your plans and I hope this gathering brings you comfort and peace. Happy New Year, Vicki!


Happy New Year, Vicki. Peace and joy (and maybe a little adventure) to you this 2011. :-)


Happy New Year, dear Vicki!! Here's to a fresh, crisp, all new 2011. Sending bunches of hugs and a load of peace.


Vicki - May the new year ahead be kind and gentle to you and those you love. Peace.


Happy New Year Vicki! May 2011 be a happier year for you and your family!


Happy new year to all the Knitorati!


Happy new year, Vicki!
It's raining here too but warm(er)


Happy new year! Have an awesome 2011!

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