Oh baby

I forced more handknits (but by no means the full arsenal) on this little guy than I ever have on any other baby -- and, if I may say so, they're quite eye-catching -- but OMG, those CHEEKS!!!

The cashmere and silk in these hats doesn't hold a candle to the soft squishiness of chubbo baby cheeks!  Yeah, I know, and those gorgeous lashes are to die for...


The colorful hat was knit a way long time ago with leftovers from Hero Quimby's Sweater & Hat -- I loved working with that Handmaiden Casbah yarn, making it work with some Baby Ull, and such a fun colorway!

The chartreuse-y pear-colored hat was knit a while back from a hank of unyielding silk that I nabbed out of a sale bin at Nina's Department Store in Spring Green the summer-before-last -- I loved the weight and the color!  I believe I used Stephanie's pattern for An Unoriginal Hat.  It's pretty much a one-size hat with little to no stretch or spring -- not for everyone, but a good fit here!

It's been a strange, strange week.  Tomorrow is supposed to be my day off, but that might get pushed.  I would like to petition for the stars to align, please; according to this site, "There must be something else bumming you out..." because Mercury isn't in retrograde for another 15+ hours.  Actually, it could be that... or something in the air, the water, who knows?!!  Things have just been weird and I don't like it.

Doing my best to Keep On Keepin' On -- with a smile -- haven't quite made it to the Ho Ho Ho mark yet.  Workin' on it.  Anyways...




Such cute babes and even more so with the hats atop. Don't worry about the ho, ho, ho part. Just getting through the season (with a smile?) is good enough.


Great hats and what an adorable baby! I hope the weirdness in your week goes away fast.


I love the knitted little brows in that first pic!


OMG - I am so with you on the Mercury retro thing. I had been hoping this week's bizarro-ness was due to that, but then I looked and I don't even have THAT as an excuse. Gah.


Even though Mercury doesn't go retro until tomorrow it's effects are known to start kicking in days, even weeks ahead of time... :(

love the baby knits and the baby!



Wow, you've been busy! Everything is beautiful - the knits, the baby, the photos! I want to go to California again!


Great new banner! Oh, that baby. I don't particularly like babies but that one...

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