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Last night:

What a great show!  I'm so glad I mentioned to Rusty that tickets to this show would make a good birthday present -- instead of shining it on, as I so often do.  Bryan Adams has been a favorite for a long time -- you know, for about 27 years!  I've been a fan of "unplugged" ever since MTV invented it, and this "Bare Bones" concert -- Bryan referred to is simply as "un" -- really appealed to me.  Bryan playing an acoustic guitar, sometimes a harmonica, and with occasional piano accompaniment.

So, one month + a day after my 52nd birthday (and one month + 2 days after Bryan's 51st -- that's sorta weird -- no wonder I like him so much - plus, he's a pretty good photographer!) we were there!  So fun.

We began our evening dodging our little town's Christmas parade and dashing to make our reservation at Z Harvest Cafe in Green Bay -- very close to the concert venue at the Weidner Center.  It's been nearly 6 years since we were there last -- for dinner on one of the very first days of The Quit!  Ahman Green, celebrated Packers running back at the time -- was seated in the booth right behind Rusty.  The food was fabulous then, and is still fabulous!  I scoped out the menu ahead of time and had some difficulty choosing amongst the entrees, but no problem at all with the dessert offerings!  Heh.  When I saw "tres leches cake" at the top of the list, I knew I'd have to leave room!  I decided on potato crusted roasted salmon served over fresh sauteed spinach with root vegetables.  Yum.  It's what's for lunch today, too!




Most excellent! My sister just saw him in her town a couple of weeks ago. She said it was just a fabulous concert. What a wonderful evening for you!


Your dinner sounds like heaven and, in fact, the whole night sounds like heaven!

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