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15 December 2010

In review: 2010

As I've done the last few years sometime in December, it's time for a review -- in words (the first sentence of the first post of each month) and in pictures (one favorite posted photo from each month), one not necessarily related to the other.

image from www.flickr.com
January:  Haha!  I just read my post from last January 1st and I'm thinkin' that a New Year's Day nap is well on the road to tradition.

February:  Randomly.  Heh.  It's only been five days, but for a near-daily blogger -- in blog years -- it seems much longer.


March:  (He ain't heavy) ...he's my brother.

April:  Dawn, my cookie lady, made an appearance on local morning TV this week.


May:  The babies part was fun; the bugs, not so much.


June:  The fish-eye goes back to BorrowLenses.com today.


July:  (Knitting strips of stripes) ...it's like eating candy.


August:  This is not a definitive arrangement, by any means.

September:  As of late this afternoon, I have finished knitting the strips!


October:  The production of knitted goods 'round here ain't what it used to be, but the act of knitting, to some degree, is done nearly every single day.

Go Cal!

November:  There's always the photography and always the knitting, but they don't seem to mash up as often as they should these days!


December:  Parcheesi, designed by Feral Knitter Janine.

It's been quite a year, folks.  Thanks, as always, for reading, writing, encouraging, praying, loving, being, doing... everything.


Thanks for the gift. This is always such a fun post it's like a gift you give us. Love all the pictures - my favorites are the trees and the parcheesi quilt. They both bring such happiness!

My favorites: March, April and December!

It's been a good year, hasn't it?

Beautiful as always. I love December and April too and and,,, hehehe

Your year in review is always enjoyable and brings back memories. I'm so happy to know you, Vicki and to call you friend.

Love it. Love it. Love it. Wondering if I have a Parcheesi in me.... But I doubt it. And I know one thing (related to that): I need to take a course in color theory. XOXO

What a fabulous post! And since I have absolutely NO blog fodder, I'm going to copy you! (I'm sewing Parcheesi together. It's more than I bargained for. I may never finish.)

Love the look back - your pictures are always so inspiring.... someday I too will take a picture worthy of posting.

Your "Year in Review" is a wonderful stroll down memory lane...thank you! I especially love your message at the end, but I need to thank you for enriching my life in so many ways! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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