Oh baby
Afternoon Tea at Kate's


I think I'm in love!  I'm finishing up his proofs and I can't (I won't) promise that this is the last you'll see of him.

OK?  So I did end up working today -- just 'til noon.  Then I went out to my uncle's to pick up a box of his late wife's knitting supplies that he found (so timely, too, because I'll be teaching a little girl how to knit next month) (with her mom looking over our shoulders) and he made me lunch!  Grilled cheese and homemade tomato soup... I love homemade tomato soup!

There's some OK yarn and some good for learnin' yarn, a bunch of needles and holders, some pamphlets, and loose patterns and notes and some graph paper.  So interesting... it appears that Deb was playing around a little bit with designing!  Not a surprise, really, she immersed herself in the things that interested her... I don't think knitting gripped her as much as, say, woodworking... but she was definitely interested.

I stopped to visit with Katie and Ali on the way home and, standing there in Katie's kitchen, I lost all my energy.  I'm surprised there wasn't a puddle right there on the floor.  I couldn't wait to get home and crawl into bed -- which I did.  I slept for an hour (seemed like three) on one side, and then another little bit on the other side.  It was so nice and cozy, I could have slept for much longer -- and maybe I would have, but then Maddy knocked on my door to say she was home!  Yay!




aww, what a darling little guy!


Oh my...my my my....what an angel face!


Oh, that photo....!

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

What a beautiful baby!


A most beautiful photograph. Gorgeous kissable cheeks ! Why is it that the boys get the stunning eyelashes ?!


He is gorgeous! I hope you feel renewed after getting some rest.

Christy E

I've been wanting to start getting into the world of knitting...do you do private lessons?


What a doll - extremely high AWWW ... factor. Enjoy the cuddly stage while it lasts ;o)

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