Three years


As I was searching around my very messy desk for a CD (which I still haven't found), I came across a phone message I'd jotted from the machine -- dated 2-11-08 -- from a distant relative named Deb.

Last year, I received a Christmas card with a newsy letter and a family photo from Deb -- and I've sort of been looking for that, too, for the past several months.  I never actually hunted for it because I always felt that it was fairly close by and I'd run across it any day, because I really did want to contact her.

I received another Christmas card (with a newsy letter and a family photo) from Deb this year.  Last night I called her and exclaimed, "Thank you for not giving up on me!"

Deb is my second cousin once-removed and these are our shared relatives -- my great great grandparents, Amelia & William.  We have a standing date to meet this summer in the Fond du Lac County cemetery where William and many of his kin are buried.  I traipsed through that cemetery, and couple others nearby, with Sharon several years ago -- the nothing-but Ave Maria CD I bought for her (and one for myself) blaring through open doors and windows on the car stereo as we wandered.

It could happen that I'll actually meet Deb's daughter -- half-way around the world -- before I meet Deb, 120 miles away.  One of her daughters has been living in the UK for at least the past few years.  I have her contact info for Maddy (leaving in less than a month!) and I hope we can all get together when we visit in a few (!) months.




What a great family photo. And it's great that you're making connections with relatives, too.


Deb is a wonderful soul who feels the connection of family as much as you do!


Connections are so interesting. I wonder if you'll see any family resemblance?


Your great-great-grandfather looks so young!

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