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18 November 2010


A little bit of a scare yesterday and an unplanned overnighter.  Will know more later... looking a bit better than last night.  Scary.  Haven't been able to read a single message, but I know you're out there and thank you for your love and support.  XO



Sending happy healthy thoughts your way!!

Staying close to you as you skirt The Edge. Sending MORE love.

sending good thoughts your way Vicki!

Sending every good thought and prayer your way, Vicki!!!

I've been thinking about you so much since last night. I hope you are doing okay and will update us when you can.

Sending healing thoughts, love, and prayers...

Thinking good thoughts for you.

Thinking of you and sending healing thoughts!!

Holding you in the Light.

Thinking of you - wish there was more I could do. -- pat

Sucks. Holding you and yours in my thoughts.

Thinking of you

Sending you good thoughts, hope everything turns out OK...

Hope everything is ok Vicki....you are in my thoughts & prayers... ley us know how your doing....love you

yikes. i hope everything is alright.

I hope everything is alright. Keeping you in my thoughts.

Hope things continue to look better.... *hug*

We are out here--keeping you in our thoughts.

Sending you good vibes and thoughts.

Oh geez. You're in my thoughts, Vicki. Sending big, warm, excellent vibe hugs.

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