Wordless Wednesday

What I did on my day off

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I managed to get to the laundry early enough that I could hang it on the line to dry -- something I haven't done as often as I'd have liked this year.  Plenty of people do it year 'round, even in this parts (hello, brother-in-law), but not me.

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Then I got down low and took some photos.

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I got down really, really low.

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Then the sun came out and I... uh, saw things in a different light!  Haha.  Yeah.  The leaves are really crunchy right now.  And sticky.  All over the front of my shirt when I got up off the walkway.


I did a little cleaning (dusting!), went out to lunch with my mum, visited my friend Nancy at the antique mall, made dinner, and went to book club!

Oh, and I washed and pinned out pieces of a sweater to block!  I've been working on the Montana Tunic from Shear Spirit: Ten Fiber Farms, Twenty Patterns, and Miles of Yarn, using the "Grandma's Blessing" sportweight yarn from Briar Rose Fibers.  That's not what I was intending to make when I bought the yarn at this years Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival, of course, but it's been on the radar for a long time and it all just worked out.  There's a crapload of ribbing yet to be done next... not my favorite thing to do, but I do like the garment and can envision wearing it a lot, so I'll persevere.

I think I've finally worked out the seaming of Parcheesi -- my head was playin' games with me on that one.  Not a portable project, though, so believe I'll be starting a more portable pair of Dimorphous Mittens tonight -- another pattern that's been on the radar for a while -- while watching my daughter and the Half-Price Books team compete in this year's Spelling Bee!




I hang all my laundry outside, even in the winter, weather permitting. Last week when it rained for three days straight I had to press the dryer into service; it seemed quite startled.

Do you have plates lining your stoop?


That was a really busy day "off"! I love your laundry photo.


You make laundry look beautiful. Good to your daughter!


Mmmmm....I love the second to last shot. Gorgeous!


I want to make those mittens, too. Love the spelling bee -- I sent a link to my librarian friend as an idea for a future Friends of the Library event.


Are those plates under the step??

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