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12 October 2010

Ten on Tuesday: Baby, You Can Drive My Car

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Ten on Tuesday10 Ways to Have Fun on Long Car Rides

1.  Rockin' it out!  It's a sunny 75F, the windows are rolled down, my hair's blowin' in the wind, and it's nothing short of another miracle if I get where I'm going without a speeding ticket (knocking on wood).  Beep Beep!!  Yeah.

image from www.flickr.com 
2.  Look at a map (or something) and take a new route, perhaps a road less traveled.

3.  Read.  I like to page through and catch up on periodicals.

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4.  Watch the sky.

image from www.flickr.com 
5.  Pay attention to seasonal changes in the landscape.

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6.  Play the "ABC" game.  When we go up north, we often go through Minocqua -- a resort and tourist area with a DQ and plenty of pizza joints -- and I've been known to run through the ABCs twice before we're driving through nothing but forest again!

7.  Snooze.

image from www.flickr.com 
8.  Find someplace fun and new to eat.

image from www.flickr.com 
9.  Stop and see some sites along the way.

10.  Knit.  I have a photo somewhere of my knitting on the dashboard of Ali's car, but I can't find it right now!  Picture it in your mind's eye... I'm pretty sure it was a Mason-Dixon dishcloth.  FOUND IT -- June 2006!



Love your list! Watching the sky might be my favorite thing to do!

Great list, great pictures. Glad to have found you!

Your pictures are so great -- they make me want to hit the road and head to Wisconsin!

Another great list with accompanying photos!

I love the list and the accompanying photos. They're just perfect together.

Hahahaha - the first thing I thought when you said the window's down, rockin' it out in the car is you won't get a speeding fine, you'll get a citation for blogging and/or knitting whilst driving! LOL
Man, makes me want to go for a road trip. It is well over a year since the last one

I love those sky shots...always one of my favorite things to photograph! That food looks yummy, too!

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