Ten on Tuesday: Fall
Happy Birthday To You

I have no time, but Hi!

A long day yesterday finished up with a little shooting in the park with Katie.  I shot her, she shot me.  Heh.

image from www.flickr.com
image from www.flickr.com
image from www.flickr.com 
Fun with flare, and her shooting me shooting her.  Isn't she adorable?  On the way home, we picked up some Chinese take-out to enhance the half-bag of frozen shrimp that DH said he dug out of the freezer for dinner.

I had lunch at La Brioche in Madison for the second time yesterday and realized that I had EXACTLY the same meal as I had the first time... Spinach & Chevre Omelet, with Tres Leche Cake for dessert.  I all but licked my plate.  Now, after having also recently watched Alton Brown make Tres Leche Cake, there is renewed interest in trying it myself!  Yum.

Make it a happy day today... do it with intention.  XO!



Oooo. A spinach and chevre omlet sounds divine. Great pictures too.


I love the photos! And yes, that omelet sounds sooooo good. Of course that could be because I forgot breakfast today.


I'm going to have to remember this restaurant because we always eat in Madison on our way to Chicago & points thereabout - and end up eating somewhere chain like :(


You will want to be aware that they have hours... lunch is until 2 p.m. (or maybe 3), but dinner service doesn't start 'til 5... ask me how I know... we missed it by mere minutes one day.  You might be able to get soup in the between time (we did), but otherwise only baked goods & beverages are available.  The baked goods are extraordinary, but not when you've looked forward to lunch after spending hours and hours in the UW Hospital Cancer Center (w/my sister).


Adorable! Oui!


I love this post. Your lunch sounds fabulous even though I'm not up to eating.

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