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And also there was knitting

image from www.flickr.com
image from www.flickr.com
The production of knitted goods 'round here ain't what it used to be, but the act of knitting, to some degree, is done nearly every single day.  It is still my preferred method of winding down the day, usually accompanied by "watching" something on the TV (usually now TiVo'd) -- followed by reading in bed (also "to some degree").  Speaking of which, on my nightstand right now are The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals, a Mother's Day gift from Katie that I recently, momentarily, put aside for Driftless (from the library).

I often drag my knitting along with me to work -- moreso than a book, for some reason -- and get a fix during my lunch break.  Today, I'll be accompanying Ali on a southerly loop to look at and pick up some equipment, and I think she'll do most of the driving.  I'll knit.  It's a gorgeous autumn day, even if somewhat cool and breezy, so maybe I'll bring the camera, too, and maybe be inspired to photograph something.

The knitting.  The Diaper Cover is a free PDF pattern available here.  Knit in wool roving, it is a functional diaper cover when used with cloth diapers.  Mine is less functional and more ornamental, made using an orphaned hank of Araucania Azapa -- a less absorbent blend of a bulky wool, alpaca, silk and tencil.  But oh my goodness, it is so soft and beautiful!  I made two covers in two sizes from the one hank of yarn.

The Teddy Slippers are from Booties, Blankets & Bears: 20 Irresistible Hand Knits for Your Baby by Debbie Bliss, and were knit with Baby Cashmerino.  It's an interesting little design that knit up quickly... after only a few false starts... and very forgiving of my not-so-stellar abilities in colorwork.

Having knit nothing but squares and rectangular strips for months, which required nothing more than counting, the reading of patterns is presenting a challenge!  I suppose it doesn't help that I've been burning the candle at both ends and have been e.x.h.a.u.s.t.e.d.

I was talking all smart about taking October off a while back... I'll admit that there are a few things on my calendar -- but not many, and I've already modified a few.  October is going to be all about catching up and catching my breath, and then... oh boy... having some FUN!!



So very cute!! And isn't Omnivore's Dilemma great? Enjoy both reading and knitting!


Beautiful knit/baby photos, Vicki. I hope you find time in October!! I'm thinking of venturing to the Fox Valley on Tuesday to spend part of the day with my mom.........how does your Tuesday evening look?


Those baby knits are so very adorable! (I'm completely smitten with the booties!) Here's to a beautiful, restful, joyous October. :-)


The baby butt cover is SO cute. Nice work. Hopefully October will be the month of slowing down for us all. Our extra hot weather must move your way soon...at least I hope so!

theresa/t does wool

beautiful kits and what a precious little one,Vicky~


Gosh Vicki, I could have written this post. Well, except for the photos of the baby tush and toes, which are gorgeous.
I watch TV and knit to wind down or "fall asleep sitting up', more accurately. We share the exhausted part, definitely!
I wish I could knit during my lunch break - in fact I wish I could sit down and have a lunch break, we generally eat standing up while working continuously.
That is one tiny baby.

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