Ten on Tuesday: The Fridge

There's always time for some of this...

Twelve.Days.Old.  Ali's BFF's new baby boy.  His grandma told me that I just have to get one of my own.  Heheh.

I got to swaddle him all up and then, when he started to fuss a bit, bounced him to sleep on my shoulder.  He was visiting for a reason -- I was supposed to be taking his photos -- but I didn't really want to put him down.  I wanted to cuddle and bounce the afternoon away.  I did put him down, though, and voila!

I've been working on processing photos from a recent wedding -- emphasis on PROCESS because, man oh man, you get into a project that big and it's all about The Process or you'll be eaten alive!

Stuff's movin' and shakin' over here.  I made some progress yesterday and, while there's still a ton o' shit on my plate, it feels good -- like I'm back in control.

And I started a new (portable) knitting project.  Parcheesi has been blocked, arranged, pinned together in workable pieces, and sewing up will commence as soon as I decide which yarn to use.



He's gorgeous! I can see how you would have had to force yourself to put him down to take those photos.


He is a doll. You capture babies perfectly, sweetly. It's good to hear you're feeling more in control.


Vicki, that is a GORGEOUS shot of a beautiful baby! So sweet. His parents/grandparents will treasure it forever. So glad you're feeling more in control. It's never fun to be stretch too thin!

Lori on Little Traverse Bay



I always love their little mouths and their tiny fingers and tiny toes....

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