Ten on Tuesday: The Fridge

Tell me something good!

My hi-i-igh hopes for today have been somewhat thwarted, as I was called in to work... probably not for the whole day, but I don't really know for how long.  It might be for the whole day, in which case I can possibly have my day off tomorrow.  It's a highly unusual situation for which there is no precedent!  My coworker and I have always prearranged our switching around of days off; neither of us have ever had to "call in sick" in my almost seven years on the job -- EVER -- until today.  I hope she recovers soon -- and I'd wish for that even if she wasn't a BFF.  ; )

Seven years?  Yikes.  The time does fly.

Here's a crappy camera phone pic of my MacGuyver'd knitting that I took at lunch time yesterday and forgot to post (hey, it's been BUSY)!  The loose leaf rings standing in for stitch markers remind me of big hoop earrings on either side!  It's the '70s!

I heard Chaka Khan on the radio yesterday...

Help me get through the day and keep my good vibes goin' -- Tell Me Somethin' Good!  Tell me, tell me, tell me...



Here's something gooooood - apple pie.


Oh! Love me some Chaka Khan! Thanks for the great clip. Hope your day smooths out.


How great to hear Chaka Khan...it's been years! It's fall, it's beautiful and there are witches and pumpkins about.


Wow, that brings back memories. Good YouTube. Hope your afternoon, evening is better.


Something good: only twenty-two days until you are here!

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