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15 September 2010

Sheep & Wool!

image from www.flickr.com image from www.flickr.com

The little puppy was only six weeks old -- still incredibly soft and so very fluffy -- and he had absolutely NO IDEA what to make of the sheep, so he tried his best just to ignore them!

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As for the sheep, they were easily distracted, anyway!

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But gorgeous, no?

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image from www.flickr.com
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After the amazing win in Saturday "Amazing Race," Annie and I quickly showered, installed the boys' car seats in my car, strapped them in, and headed to Jefferson to meet Sharon at the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival!

I'll tell ya, I jam-packed my Saturday.

This was my first-ever visit to WS&W and I was not disappointed.  It was FAR smaller than Rhinebeck (I'm a three-timer there) and, as expected, the food was not as great -- though I did have a delicious, homemade piece of zucchini cake.  Two very do-able barns full of a great many small LOCAL vendors, as well as some from afar, and even famliar faces -- Briar Rose Fibers, Susan's Fiber Shop (which I've only ever visited in NY before), Mielke's Fiber Arts, Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill, Yarns by Design (one of my LYSs), and more.

Ann bought a Blackberry Ridge vest kit, which is interesting to me because she used to work in Mount Horeb.

Sharon -- currently not knitting (in fact, she gave me all her needles, yarn and books) but knitter of some extraordinary sweaters (most of which Mom has permanently "borrowed") -- showed a great deal of interest in the weaving.  I just happen to have a small BRIO loom that used to be Katie's and I wonder if that would work as a "starter."

I bought a little bit of yarn -- I don't really need ANY, but, you know...



The Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival sounds much the same size as the Michigan Fiber Festival. Very nice. Very do-able. Adorable fiber-bearing animals. And, of course, irresistible yarn!

None of us "need" yarn! The scent is in the air at a Fiber Festival and it seduces us all. Your sheepy sheep look very cuddly.

Since when did need ever come into a decision to buy yarn. That puppy is so sweet

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