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As of late this afternoon, I have finished knitting the strips!  This project seems to be slogging along -- and I suppose it is, actually, slogging along -- but ONLY because my time has been so divided, lately, not because I'm tired of it or bored.  Look at it!  "Boring" is not a word I'd use to describe...

The other day I very loosely pinned the pieces together and laid them out on a piece of muslin.  As soon as I get the ends woven in on the last three strips, I'll pin them in and then photograph it -- pretty much as above, but neater (as in tidy, not cool... though this project is definitely COOL!).  I want to make sure the lights and darks are balanced, or at least pleasing -- I'm not worried about the strips quite as much as the six squares.  My method was developed as I knit the squares, so there are some inconsistencies; by the time I started the strips, it was rock-solid.  I may photograph a few different arrangements.

What I'm wondering right now is whether I should wash and block all before sewing up.  I'm kinda thinking I should.  What do you think?



I can see where washing and blocking would be helpful - you'll have things to size where right now they might be a tad wonky. If needed, you could reblock once it's sewn together, too! I think it's truly neat (as in cool) and really would love to make one myself! You're inspiring...


as one who just finished her very own version of a huge blanket, I think I can safely say that washing the bits is easier than washing the blanket. I had sewn together about 3 of my rows, when I reconsidered washing each strip... and I was glad that I did!
Mine turned out to be the size of a full-sized bed.. cannot tell how big yours is - but for sure, it was easier to sew together the blocked squares.
gosh it's really pretty


Very neat. (Even, I dare say, neat-o!) Very cool. I would wash and block before sewing. You can account for any minor size discrepancies that way, and make sure all the seams are nice and straight. You've spent so much time making this beautiful blanket. . . I think it would be worth it to block-before-sewing.


I vote for wash and block first, too. I did that with a granny square afghan and it looked much better.


You'll find the pieces easier to sew together if they are blocked. You have defined the process of knitting with this project. It's been exciting to watch it grow between your posts of bike rides, nephews, family and food. There is nothing boring about the blanket and there is nothing boring about your life.


Lots of good advice above. For myself, I am still awestruck at your ability to envision this and makes it all work SO WELL! Gorgeous.


That's going to be amazing. Heck, it's amazing now!

Kristi aka FiberFool

It sounds really tedious to wash and block first, but I've always found seaming to go much more smoothly if the pieces have all been blocked - at least steamed if not washed. It is looking fantastic and I can't wait to see the FO!


It's turning into a work of art, love it.


i tend just to sew it all up loosely and then block like heck. but i also don't make stuff as awesome as this. so maybe the Road of Caution is the best route?

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