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I think that might be it.  I might move one "L" piece, but I think the squares are set and they were my major concern.  I laid it all out last night, took some photos, shuffled things around, took some more photos, then made sure everything was secure before throwing it all into the washer.

I suffered a recurring brain fart while knitting the strips, breaking off the yarn at the end of about half of them, rather than casting off -- and, of course, not leaving a long enough tail to cast off.  I used yarn to hold the stitches, mostly, and needed to make sure that ALL the ends were tired and secured.  The hand wash cycle doesn't even take a half-hour, so I was pinning out pieces before long; first watching a little football, and then Project Runway  I cast on a little something to use up some yarn.

It was an entertaining evening.

God I love this crazy thing!



I love that crazy thing, too!! It's been so much fun to watch you knit, weave in ends, decide what goes where and then see it in the final stage!


Can't wait to see this crazy thing in it's final state! I have a feeling it's going to be one of those projects you love more than so many others.




Oh, this Crazy Thing just keeps getting better and better! Vicki, it is stunning in its fabulosity!


Looks great to me!


I love it!!


Love the crazy thing!


I'm in love with that "crazy thing",too! I've loved watching the process and the joy it has given to you and many others...and of course, I'm in love with the almost finished "Project Runway" blanket! It's whimisical and's a fabulous winner!!!

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

wow I can't tell you how much I love this too, it's just right . LOVE it.


Yes! I like this square arrangement!


Incredibly awesome!


Just love it!


Love this project, tempted to make this myself. Curious what the dimensions end up being with the sock yarn.


I have to admit I was initially dubious, but I was quickly converted. And now...fabulous!


It looks fabulous, Vicki. Love the color placements you've settled on. I think you should hang it, even though it looks like it will be cozy.

Judith Foldi

I love it!

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