Sheep & Wool!

Do or do not. There is no try.

The lips are a bit pursed, no doubt due to the emanating sound effects.  He blows me away.  It's a very, very short trip to beatboxing for this kid.

I'd thought about driving down to my sister's on Friday night, but had been feeling on the edge of getting a cold all day.  I thought a good night's sleep in my own bed would be helpful, even if I'd have to get up early to drive in order to make it by race time.

I drove in the rain nearly all the way, and it was still quite damp and misty as we started the race.  Gah!  Misty weather is one of the things I hate most about wearing glasses.  I dressed in layers, but not the BEST of layers, given the circumstances, and could only imagine that I was pneumonia-on-a-bike waiting to happen.  Would that be "riding pneumonia" rather than "walking"?  Heh.  Thankfully, albeit SLOWLY, the weather greatly improved as the day wore on.

I drove down, did the race with Annie, showered and packed up the kids, met Sharon to shop at Wisconsin Sheep & Wool, and then drove back to Annie's before, ultimately, driving back home!  You would think that I'd have been drained, especially after feeling rather lowly the day before, but adrenalin (or something!) (not drugs!) (very little caffeine!) was keeping me going.  Honestly, I was more sleepy and tired driving down in the morning than I was going home.

Anyway, before I left, I was charged with taking photos of the boys in some of their costumes.  They each have a different version of a Yoda costume, and Mack wore his new Incredible Hulk costume to Sheep & Wool (I don't think I've seen him in regular clothes in months), and the U.S. Army outfit (worn under Yoda -- Superman-style) is also new.  Yay, city-wide rummage sales!  Here he is "at ease."

Oh, the incredible cuteness.  It was a great day with a terrific send-off.

And I am, miraculously, completely pneumonia-free!  The weather has turned again, though.  Darn it.  My body has not acclimated to this sudden change from summer to autumn.  I'm happy to be pulling out, and even wearing, some of the woolens again and thinking about new projects (my new Aran Knitting: New and Expanded Edition arrived yesterday!), but oh... too cold too soon!



I hear ya on the abrupt change of seasons, it's been the same here. I actually wore real shoes today and not flip flops. Sigh.

Kristi aka FiberFool

Ah, the adorableness is going to kill me... Those are a couple of cuties you've got in the family!


I'm still holding out on the flip flops, myself. . . but probably won't be able to keep it up for much longer!

The adorableness is over-the-top! Love those little guys! (My daughter dressed in costume ALL the time from age 3 through the start of kindergarten. I used to get odd stares at the grocery and at church -- mostly because folks weren't used to seeing Robin Hood . . . with a red cape!) They are absolutely darling!


I find this time of year a little frustrating. It's not here or there and I never seem to dress right for it. I think the boys have the right idea, look awesome and darn the fickle weather.

How do you like the new Starmore? Thanks to you I preordered and got mine on Monday. Now I can't decide what to try first!


I'm loving that new Starmore book, and wishing I had more time to knit!

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