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Ten on Tuesday: Vacation

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Packing for vacation -- no matter where or how long -- is hard; it makes me feel so confined!  Hopefully, in 6 or 7 months, I'll be packing for my first overseas trip, so it might be good to start thinking now about what I should bring along.

1.  Underwear.  I'm always afraid that I'll forget to pack it altogether, so I try to pack it first -- and extras.

2.  Travel documents.  Tickets, passport, reservation confirmations, maps, list of contacts/info.

3.  Footwear.  At least two pairs of good, worn-in (but not worn-out), comfortable shoes.  I won't be dropping in to visit The Queen, so casual will be fine.

4.  Electronics.  Camera, laptop, chargers, adapters, cards, readers.

5.  Reading material.  A book and a couple of magazines for the plane and bed-time reading; I love to read, but don't see making it a priority when I could be doing, oh, I dunno, ANYTHING ELSE in London.  Or Scotland.  Or Ireland.  (But I vote for Scotland.)

6.  Knitting.  This also for the planes, trains, and automobiles.  It's the choosing of the project(s) that can be tricky -- engaging but not too difficult, not taking up much space, containable.

7.  Various forms of tender.

8.  More cash than I think I need.

9.  Clothing pieces that look good smushed.  There are some.  A few.  Every little bit helps.

10.  My list.




Excellent list! But I never worry about underwear. . . because you can always find some to purchase, should you forget. (I have "souvenir underwear" from many a location. . .)


Re: #8. No need to bring lots of cash. There are cash machines EVERYWHERE! I could get cash in England and Scotland in 1995 and even in South Africa in 2005. As long as you have a major cash card you are good. Check with your bank to be sure.


Nice list!


When travel was more frequent I had enough underwear for several weeks which meant I could make it through the trip and a few days at home without laundry. The rest of your list is spot on.


Travel overseas? How exciting!


It always takes me forever to decide on the knitting project - something that doesn't take too much concentration, but that is fun to knit. Something that's relatively compact. Something that will last the whole trip. I always end up bringing a shawlette. This next vacation might be winter gloves for my daughter. What are you bringing?


Be careful with your choice of knitting. In February I lost a set of DPNs because I forgot that they aren't allowed on planes in the UK. Perhaps wooden or plastic circulars could get through security? On the plane to England, the needles were no problem :)


Number 9 is very important. Travel documents is a good one. I think i fogot that but thankfully I've never forgotten to bring them on a trip. I get really focused on that stuff but I could easily forget underwear if I'm not careful.

PJ has some great information and packing lists. I've used this list for several international month-long trips. If, like me, you need (want) more shoes than this list prescribes, it is still a good place to start from.


Chargers and adapters are the ones I always forget. Although, having forgotten them enough, I am now super paranoid and so now will begin always forgetting something else. :)

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