Ten on Tuesday: Vacation
Ain't no cure for the summertime blahs

Ten on Tuesday: Bacon

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Reasons To Love Bacon

1.  BLTs.  Thanks to the timely arrival of the Ten on Tuesday topic email, it's what we had for dinner on Monday night.

2.  Liver & Onions & Bacon.  I hated liver when I was a kid because it was cooked into shoe leather (the bacon was always good, though); thankfully, DH is the best liver cooker in the world.

3.  Bacon Cheeseburger.  I rarely go this far with a burger (usually don't even have it in a bun), so it's a real treat when I do.

4.  Bacon & Eggs.  When I think of bacon and eggs, I think of childhood and early summer mornings at the cabin, sleeping in the loft... the smell of bacon and eggs prying open my eyes enough to spot grandma, at the stove in her robe, preparing fishermen's breakfasts.

5.  Hm.  It's bacon!  Fry it up in a pan!

6.  Filet mignon.

7.  It's good to bring some home now and then (or have it directly deposited... but not to my thighs).

8.  It's crispy.

9.  It's salty.

10.  It's oh so yummy.

Yep, I'm tardy.



You can even evoke great images and memories when you talk about BACON? You are fantastic, Vicki.

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