Ten on Tuesday: Vacation

Sidewalk layout

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This is not a definitive arrangement, by any means.  I just wanted to lay it all out and get a good overview.  In addition to the red being used only for the squares and also the bright yellow/orange only in the squares (twice each as the first, second and third borders around the center red square), the "rules" (my rules) are that the direction of the knitting must be observed and taken into account in the assembly.

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I've woven in approximately 3 of the eleventy billion ends, but progress is progress.  I've been carrying a section and some Chibis in my bag wherever I go.  I am still so in love!  My head has been swayed lately by some wonderful new designs and even my PayPal account tapped a few times, but I remain both engaged in and committed to this project!  I can't wait 'til it's finished, but I'm also savoring the process.

The weekend was great!  I shopped the farmers' market in the rain on Saturday, made some fun stuff -- including Patty Cake, which was dense and moist and oh so good.  I sauteed the leftover squash for supper, and ate nearly a quart of fresh blueberries.  Don't stop 'til you get enough (or they're all gone.)

I took a 10-mile meandering bike ride in iffy weather (or I'd have gone further); the triathlon relay is two weeks from yesterday and, considering last year's finish times for that leg, I'd like to improve my time just a tad -- I really don't want to finish last!

On Sunday morning I assisted a fellow photographer with a shoot he had scheduled and that was a lot of fun!  Also tiring, so I took a nap when I got home.  I made a nice dinner, then went to a movie!  It was that kind of weekend -- I'm glad that I had the brakes on for the most part and slowed down a little.  It felt good to be productive, but not racing around.  And I really enjoyed my nap!




Love the project. Very pretty! :) Hope you have a great day!


The blanket looks GREAT! You really have the eye for color and arrangement. Other Parcheesi-s I have seen tend to look *busy*.


Sounds like a lovely weekend full off summer fun. Love the blanket. It's looking very promising!


Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend. The blanket is going to be simply stunning.


I love the blanket! I'd be laying it out on the ground constantly -- to admire and inspire. Can't wait to see it finished! :-) (Also -- I'm totally intrigued by the "plate border" I see up in the top of the first photo. More information?) So glad you had a restful weekend.


The blanket is going to be gorgeous!! ?? about the bike -- pedals or bike shoes? I'm doing some bike thinking over here . . .


Woo! That blanket knocks my socks off!


Looking good!

Hmmm... is it possible to get the black a bit more balanced, while keeping the yellow/orange sizes balanced?




The blanket looks great. I love that you are only using the orange only in the squares. It really pops and gives the whole thing life but at the same time it fits well. Great color choices.

jordan retro

The blanket is going to be simply stunning.

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