I did it!
Disjointed* - with knitting and stuff


I still have the Parcheesi blanket project handy and, besides weaving in all the ends, there is a bit of knitting yet to do.  My weariness and the intensely uncomfortable weather we'd experienced the past couple of weeks left me with little at the end of the day for a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g., though.  I love, love, love it and can't wait to get back to it!


In the meantime, not completely idle, my mind and eye wandered and a quick little sideline stealth project wedged its way into my project bag!  I cast on Saturday, knit a few rows of ribbing, and did the majority of the work last night; I will likely finish tonight.  A quick and fun project!  I can't wait to show you... in due time.

The girls fill in for missing photos of knitting and cycling.  Maddy's like, "Who? Me??"

I hauled several years and many pounds worth of LIVING to the curb last night for the recyclers to take today.  I hope they're long gone by the time I get home.  I went through them all last year, tearing out or copying particular articles that I wanted to keep, and setting aside a small stack of issues that I just could not part with.  My intention then was to list them all on ebay or sell them at a rummage sale, and I even took a few photos last winter.  But oh my god, FOR WHAT??  That is incredibly time consuming, not to mention a helluva a lot of work.  HELLO?  Not happening.  There are no rummage sales in the foreseeable future, either, and the sight of them was making me sick, so gone.  That's one heavy magazine that Martha puts out, and the significance of hauling all that weight out the front door yesterday and dropping it at the curb was not lost on me.

Getting rid of the stuff that's weighing me down... this is LIVING.  Wondering what else I can haul out of here...




Must be the season. . . because I'm doing a little LIVING of my own! (Feels good, doesn't it?)


You think like I do. It feels so good just to be free of the junk that keeps us from truly living.


I felt the same way when I finally got rid of the bazillion years worth of National Geographic. They're great magazines, but it's just such a drag to have piles of stuff you never ever look at.


I am working off the plan of getting rid of one thing every day -- throw it away, put it into the Salvation Army box, donate it somewhere else. It's kinda fun and not too demanding.


I'm so going to continue the "weightloss" of reducing the stuff in my life this fall...Three cheers for yours!


Cleaning out and clearing out is a great thing!

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