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I don't think I ever mentioned my second trip to Door County this summer, which came pretty fast on the heels of the first.  Katie's been baking up a storm this summer and needed cherries -- and everyone knows that "Door County" is actually secret code for "cherries"!  It's apparently not a great year for cherries, though, so we ended up with frozen (which we could have procured about 2 miles from home), but...

I finally visited SPIN (Rav link - no website that I can find) in Sturgeon Bay!  We came into town a weird way and I didn't have directions with me and I couldn't remember the exact name, so we stopped at a very busy downtown visitors' center and I asked for directions to a yarn shop, maybe it's called PURL.  Hahaha.  (Wrong town.)

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I found a couple of hanks of gray-black yarn that will become the border of my Parcheesi game board blanket -- oooooh, I'm so excited about that!  I also found a hank of Araucania Azapa -- a bulky wool, alpaca, silk and tencil yarn that was an orphan in the sale bin and I just couldn't leave it behind.  Oh my goodness, so wonderfully soft.  I've actually cast OFF the piece shown above, seamed it, and woven in all the ends.  It will debut here... in due time!

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I loved Spin!  It's in a great old bank building located on a corner with convenient on-street parking.  There was a small group of people knitting and visiting, as well as some other shoppers.  The staff was friendly and made it know that they were available and quite willing to help, but not overbearing in any way.  Very nice.  I'll go back!

We also drove up to Sister Bay to have lunch -- not at Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant.  Katie had a hard time resisting the call of the lingonberry, but she did, and we ended up instead (and very happily) at Mission Grille.  It was a beautiful day, so we were able to sit on the patio.  Mmm, very yummy.  I'd love to dine inside sometime, too; it looked very intriguing!

*I felt a bit disjointed as I sat down to write this post and was expecting that to be reflected more; sometimes, somehow, things fall into place.  Go figure.



What a beautiful photo of the blue yarn on the needles perched on an antique quilt! You certainly know how to capture the moment with your lovely photography.


Thank you, Sharon!  That's actually a mosaic tabletop that I made using old china -- but I used a Mariner's Star quilt pattern as my inspiration, so you're not that far off!  ; )



That Araucania yarn is gorgeous! I look forward to seeing what your made with it -- a cowl? a scarf? (wait, no seams in a scarf)


Ooooh! I can never resist the call of the lingonberry! You are strong women! Can't wait to see what that lovely, lovely yarn . . . became.


You have a way of tying things together, whether it's through your pictures or the way your day goes. More knitting!? Let's see it.


Always love your blog...and I'm in love with your "orphan" yarn...the color is gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you whipped up!


P.S. Almost forgot...I want your mosaic tabletop...b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!

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