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01 July 2010

Knitting strips of stripes...

...it's like eating candy.  I can't get enough.  They're photogenic, too.


Even with limited knitting time lately, I've already begun the fourth connecting strip -- so good and so fun, it's like eating candy.  I just can't stop!  I haven't woven in a single end yet, though, and better start that soon so I don't face them all at once.

I love the contemplating while working that comes with knitting something like this.  I think it's when I have things to ponder about my work -- even the simplest thing, such as "Which of my 14 or 15 colors shall I pluck out of the basket next?" -- that I have the most fun knitting.  I get to think about how and when to weave in all those ends, sew up all the pieces, work a border 'round the whole thing, make my mark.

Check out my Flickr Parcheesi set.

I love this thing!


You make the simplest knitting look intriguing and elegant! LOVE the colors. It looks like grand knitting fun!

There is a lot to love! This looks like a fun project, the colours are candy-like and as for actual candy? I'm now craving jujubes and the stores are closed, it's Canada Day.

What a perfect project! It IS like candy. . . I want one, too! It's really beautiful, Vicki.

Omg, they are extremely photogenic! So beautiful.

you and me weaving in ends. It's a duet ;-) and yes, I agree.. doing a few at a time makes it less painful. Love the color strips.

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