The Beet Goes On

Who knew?!

Is everyone as busy as I am right now?  Wow.  I'd never have believed I'd be so busy... the summer AFTER my youngest's freshman year in college!  The other two are already gone and out and there -- or well on their way, or with a good few ideas, anyway, about where "there" is...

Fearful of growing bored and uninteresting, I may have made a miscalculation about exactly how much "extra" time I'd have to fill once the kids no longer needed me much.

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Of course, that doesn't mean that I stop thinking about OTHER ways to fill my time.  Time-consuming, expensive, "are you freakin' crazy?" ways...

"Whoa, Nelly!"

What's up for your weekend?  I'll help Ali, if needed, with Farmers' Market Week 2; shop it, at the very least.  I'm going to try to get the rest of the things on my Wednesday list done, too, and do laundry.  I've been too busy to do the laundry!!  And I'd like to cook.  Not only did we enjoy fabulous fresh food last weekend, there was plenty left to throw together make more interesting weekday bag lunches.  I practically poo-poo'd the usual frozen entrees at the grocery store the other day!

I noticed today that my blog posts number 1800 -- in just over 6 years.  (That's kind of crazy!)  Comments on those 1800 posts are nearing 16,000!  Though it's been mostly crickets lately, there was a time...  Anyway, if you're so moved, I invite you take some time out of your busy day(s) and say "Hey!"  I sometimes like to know if there's anyone left in the auditorium -- or am I free now to pretend I'm a broadway star and start belting out show tunes?  I guess we'll find out.  There'll be a little prize package (of course!) for the one who hits the magic number.  Woohoo, I love prizes!



I always read your blog...but rarely comment. I love to read your stories and especially love your photos! I have even knitted a project based on one I saw on your blog - Stolen Moments Wrap. Now I sound like a stalker.

Congrats on 1800 posts!


I always read and I almost always comment. Your pictures have become more and more wonderful lately!

Mary Ellen

Congrats - what a feat!!!
I am also one who stops by regularly to see what you are up to - but rarely comments. Just wanted to let you know that you bring knitting and photographic joy to all of us who happen by! Keep up the great work!


*waves* Hi! I'm a lurker, but I'm here! I think I've commented once in the few years I've been reading your blog, and was pleasantly surprised at getting an email back. So thanks for the time you put in here; it is appreciated.

Sue J.

I came to your blog about 4-5 months ago, from another blogger. Don't ask me who?!?! Anyway, I'm originally from Wisconsin. Plus, my family owned a portrait studio in Janesville for 75 years. Just closed this past April. I really love to see your images.

Crystal B.

Just us crickets out here looking at your beautiful photos.

Word Lily

Whoa, big numbers, batman! Congrats on your blogging success!


oh yes, we're here. I always enjoy seeing what you're sharing on the blog. When I grow up I want to take photos like you :-)

Being busy is better than being bored, no?


You know I'm always here. Today we were walking around Silver Lake and told everyone that my friend Vicki took the most beautiful pictures of anyone else I knew. You would have loved the tiny little Shooting Star wildflowers we found.


OK, you're right, I've been lurking long enough. I should have told you before now that I'm a regular reader and very much in awe of your photography skills. The pix - I just stare and stare and see more the more I look. Thank you.


Chirp. Chirp. Chirp.

I am one of the faithful crickets.


I love that you are so enjoying cooking these days. Several of us have lamented the lack of comments on older established blogs. Is it because we aren't promoting something?
I never lurk here, girlfriend.


Hi, I'm mostly always a lurker on most of the blogs I haunt. I come by here daily and enjoy your posts. Congrats on 1800.


Oh, I'm here too! I've noticed that same phenomenon - crickets!!! I think were all using feed readers and are too shy(?) to click through to leave comments. Well, ok. In my case, it's just laziness.


I'm here too! I usually lurk but I love your posts and your photos :) Congrats on 1800!


Chirp! Chirp! Just a cricket here.


{waving} I'm here! Just late as usual! And too busy, too!


I read EVERY day, checking to see if there is a new post! I l.o.v.e your blog and have enjoyed the comings and goings of your "girls"!


A faithful reader and occasional commenter!! Your photography inspires me to take out my little point and shoot camera to capture life here in NJ!


I visit every day but don't always have anything to say. Don't stop! I love the photos, the knitting, the family.


I'm a longtime lurker who doesn't usually comment on blogs. I live across the river in Minnesota, so I enjoy hearing about your travels in Wisconsin. Your photography is beautiful.


Hey! I want to hear you belt out showtunes. Can we make requests?? ;-)


I love reading your blog. I live in Madison, and have 2 daughters (ages 4 and 6). I love your photographs, and am inspired by the beautiful relationship you have with your daughters.


Depends on the show tune- I favor Rodgers and Hammerstein, myself. That's a big number of posts, and I chime in with the compliments on the photography- always gorgeous pics!


I visit every day and marvel at you talent...and your family's! Someone once told me that you'll never have any more time than you have right now (regardless of where "right now" is at any given moment!). Wise words! Two years ago this time I quit a job I loved (school principal) to have time with my daughter and her first baby. I have never looked back, but I'm busier and happier!) than when I worked a zillion hours a week! I take care of the "baby" (21 months old today!) three days a week while my daughter teaches, I do some volunteer work, and then there's the rest of my life (husband, kids, friends, etc.)'s c-r-a-z-y and I wouldn't have it any other way! ENJOY!!!


Hello from Tokyo!
I read, almost everyday, and enjoy your blog so much. I miss my life in the States, so it is always nice to have some connection, even on-line.
Take good care. Your pictures are wonderful and inspiring. I look forward to reading your blog for a long time.


Belt out those show tunes baby! And I'll join you!! love this photo


I'm still reading, although mostly skimming. (A compromise... I can't keep up with all the blogs, but I didn't want to unsubscribe.) I really enjoy your lovely photos, though. :)


I definitely still reading and enjoying your lovely photos, they make me miss visiting the midwest.


Oh, I'm always here, whether I comment or not.

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