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18 June 2010

Wherein hell nearly freezes over

I won't actually believe it 'til I'm holding a copy in my own two hands, but holy crap, this is promising -- and long-awaited -- and why don't I already know about this?  I have wanted this in my library for years!  I have fielded so many queries about this book, and the pattern for St. Brigid, in particular.  How many times has the reprint been rumored and then my hopes dashed to pieces?  Enough that I just stopped listening, I guess.  Gah.  Well, I've seen it now in a few different, reputable places, so it must be true!  And it is now pre-ordered.  We'll see.


I heard it was coming out as AS was able to fix all her legal issues.

The fair-isle knitting book is available now too...

You know, the one that used to be $345.00? Yeah - now it's $16.47!


Huzzah! Thanks to you it's in my cart also. When I first started knitting, I almost bought it more than once but kept putting it back on the shelf because it was $35.00. D'oh

Lovely lilac header.

oh oh oh! now I can stop checking out the library's copy and hoarding it until they demand it back...

Woo hoo! My library has a copy, but I'm very allergic to it. :(

Wow, thank you for the heads up on this.

Wow! Thanks for the heads up. I've long admired your St. Brigid. I went over and preorderd a copy. Can't wait.

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