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I photographed this beautiful "Tinka Phillips" peony yesterday, prominently placed front and center in the yard of Dawn Koehler.  Absolutely gorgeous.  And big -- standing chest height.  Dawn had Tinka caged, protecting each and every blossom -- which only made the variety splayed out on the lawn in front of the house across the street that much more sad and forlorn.

I've had the nicest vacation and break from routine over the past nearly two weeks.  It's back to work now... to make some money to pay those bills and save up some more so I can do it all again!!!  ; )



Are you using a macro lens? This is a beautiful photo!


Hi Rebecca!  I used my 5D and 24-105mm lens, which says MACRO on it, but I can't get super-close like I can with the 60mm macro on the XSi.  Most of the shots are pulled back more than these so that Dawn is in them.  There was a pretty good breeze, so shutter speed was quite high -- I'd never have been able to hold focus for close-up macro shots!



Vicki! The photographs are amazing.


Those shots are simply stunning! The light is just perfect and color of the peonies is gorgeous.


Peonies are my favorite! How are hers not covered in ants, though? We had some at the house in Illinois, and they could only be admired from a distance because of all the giant ants crawling on them.


Oooh - gorgeous! I love peonies anyhow, but these are so pretty!


such beautiful shots! i love peonies! i must get some planted in my garden!!! :)

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

Lovely peonies! Can we look forward to some cards of these (on ETSY)?

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