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The Beet Goes On

We Got The Beet!  It appears to be Beet Week and I'm doing my part to Beet It and keep the beet beat going.

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Heartbeet (It's A Love Beet)!  I made pink food.  Very, VERY pink food.  It just keeps getting more and more PINK!  There's nothing artificial in there and, while it sort of makes your teeth hurt just to look at it -- because, you can't help but think SWEET -- it's not sweet, either.  It's not sweet at all.  (Really, I couldn't make frosting this pink to save my life... unless I used BEETS!)  Turn The Beet Around.  (Hm?)

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(Hello!  So far, I'm loving the new Flickr format!) (With Every Beet of My Heart!)

It's beet tzatziki sauce.  Or (My Heart Skips A Beet), as my husband put it, "That goat burger sauce."  It was made as an accompaniment to souvlaki, which I made substituting goat for lamb from my local farmers' market.  It's basically your normal tzatziki sauce, using beets instead of cucumber, and adding dill.  It's delicious!

* * * *

I was at my local Goodwill recently and, as per my usual mode of operation there, I headed for the book department straight away!  I don't usually go there (or anywhere) looking for cookbooks because, well, I already own a ton of cookbooks, plus it's easily the most tempting (to me), not to mention overflowing overwhelming, all adding up to very time-consuming book section.  I can't help that I'm a sucker for marketing strategy, though, so I'll definitely stop and peruse the tomes featured strategically placed on the "end caps."  The other day I found an overstock pile of "The Olive and The Caper: Adventures In Greek Cooking," by Susanna Hoffman.

Now, normally I go for a cookbook with lots of good photos of the food I'll be cooking -- I like to have a visual and know what I should be aiming for -- so I was disappointed in the lack of food photos on my first flip-through of "The Olive and The Caper."  It was compelling in other ways, though, with plenty of other photos, boxes, and sidebars -- I'm a huge fan of the sidebar (and also of the Boston box) -- which were full of information, facts, history, recipe and cooking suggestions.  I could not put the book down.  I carried it with me through the store as I made the rest of my regular rounds, giving it an occasional flip-through.

What a great little book!

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The recipes for both the souvlaki and tzatziki sauce came from "The Olive and The Caper," and I'm looking forward to trying many more!  With or without beets.



Now my mouth is watering for Greek food! Souvlaki and tzatziki will be part of my menu this weekend!

Kristi aka FiberFool

I check that cookbook out of the library a few years ago after longing for a visit to a great Greek restaurant in Minneapolis we like. I made a few recipes out of it and then declared it one to buy! I'm sure you'll enjoy it!


MMMMM, I'm starving. :)

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