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Ten Ways to Entertain a Child for today's Ten on Tuesday!

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I just spent a couple of days entertaining two little boys, so I'm pretty fresh!

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1.  Read.  Always read!  Morning, noon and night!!  Despite paring down numerous times, I still have a vast and varied collection of children's books.  I will be ready when grandchildren start to appear.  (This should not be taken as an outright request for grandchildren.)  (Come what may.)  (And when.)

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2.  Get down on the floor and play!  Trucks, cars, Legos, dolls, board games, Twister, big puzzles.

3.  Chase, Catch, Tickle & Release (Over and Over and Over Again) (with omissions and variations as your spirit -- and energy -- allow).  This is best out on the grass, but adaptable for use inside or out!

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4.  Go to an amusement park -- it doesn't have to be big!  A regular park with fun playground equipment and room to run works, too!

5.  Go to the zoo.  That doesn't have to be big, either!

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6.  Go for a walk!

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7.  Play in the playhouse!  Or make a fort!!  The all-time favorite, of course, is to employ the outside clothesline.  Working with what was at-hand, I draped hotel sheets and blankets last week to make fun little play places between the beds.  We also pulled a sheet, tucked in at the foot of the bed, over a chair to create a fun space -- I sat happily knitting in a chair while my feet were up on another, holding down the other end while the boys nested in pillows underneath.  What?  Someone had to do it!  It's a hard, hard life.

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8.  Play dress-up!  ; )

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9.  Have a snack!

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10.  Tell stories and sing songs!!

And whatever you do... HAVE FUN!!!



We make a lot of forts around here ... it's one of the reasons I have a hard time donating old quilts.


perfect photos for all your lovely ideas! Looks like good times at your house ;-)

Kristi aka FiberFool

Ooo, what a great list! I feel prerpared should my local friend with 2 little ones need an impromptu babysitter :-)


You have kids down pat!!


Your list was great but what really made it sing were the pictures that accompanied each list item. Fabulous!


Make a fort - yes! That was my favorite thing to do on a rainy day when I was a kid.


Wonderful list; wonderful photos! And. . . oh, the forts! I had nearly forgotten about forts! My all-time favorite pastime as a child!


Great post! I too loved fort making. Reading everyone's is bringing back some good memories :)


All of the above!!!!!! Love the photos!!!!!

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