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Rest well


Grandma was laid to rest yesterday.  As you might imagine and no one could possibly argue, after 97-and-a-half years, it is a rest well-deserved.

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I am off this afternoon to spend a couple of days at a water part resort in the water park capital of the world with two young nephews who will surely want to play in the water.  Gah!  I hope to run into some swimwear somewhere between here and there!



Peace to you Vicki. Good luck with the kids!! Swim wear could consist of a good pair of shorts and a dark tee. I've still yet to address my swimwear issues.

Sue J.

I'll bet you're going to the Dells! Boy, did I spend a lot of time there when my son was young. You deserve some down town to recharge the ol' batteries. Have fun!


Rest well, Grammy. Best of luck with the swimwear issues. I agree with Margene -- some shorts and a top in those wonderful new breathable fabrics (go to a Dick's Sporting Goods and you can find some great stuff that will be very versatile for your life -- I'm a huge convert to "travel clothes" and breathable, washable, quick-drying fabrics.) It doesn't pay for me to buy swimsuits -- I hardly ever really swim. But a nice pair of hiking shorts that are made from that nice fabric -- now, that I can get into, and they work great for wet activities, too. And they eliminate worries about cellulite. :)


What a beautiful, restful photo! Peace to your Grandmother; peace to you.

As for the swimsuit -- you don't need no stinkin' swimsuit! I agree with Norma and Margene -- quick-dry shorts and top will suit your needs wonderfully. Practical and good-looking, to boot! :-)

Have fun!


Land's End = awesome swimsuits.

This, coming from a size-10/12-wearing, 34DD-chest-possessing, comically short, 30-lbs-overweight chick with some spare tires and cellulite to hide. I'm not even joking.

They're awesome.


Check out Speedo online - they have some great suits for those of us that are figure-challenged. No kidding. Speedo. Great prices too - who'd a thunk?

Enid  Shaw

condolences to all.
she was beautiful


Mine (sadly for me not genetically related) lived to 104 and a bit and we all thought the same thing. Except for one cousin who cried and cried (this was Thanksgiving-ish). Turned out she was pregnant and didn't know it until after her water broke in January. And she wasn't young or unmarried or uneducated...


Peace and love to you and your family, Vicki. The photograph is just beautiful...a loving remembrance of your grandmother.

I'm with Margene...by the time you find a swimsuit that you're happy with (I try on a zillion before I can find an "acceptable one"), it will be Labor Day weekend! Go with the suggested shorts and tee shirt in quick drying fabrics that preferably wik and you'll be good to go...one quick stop at a store and you're done! Happy water parking!

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