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I've posted this before.  Recently unearthed, it's a new favorite -- for reasons not the least of which is because I am the same age now as my grandmother was in this photo -- and I can't believe she's not shown completely freaking out over the SIX grandchildren at her feet (the older boy, upon whose knee I'm perched, is her youngest son -- only 10 years my senior) (who warranted his own separate freak-out just on account of timing, no doubt) (and there were three more grandchildren to come).

I'm also quite taken with the stroller.  Cup holder?  What's a cup holder?  It's called "a hand."  Insulated bottle?  You mean a thermos?  Venti huh?  Latte huh?  Capuccino?  Water in a bottle?  Don't you mean milk?  Removable car seat?  What?  Washable cover?  It's called vinyl.

I believe I've already written about my mother and the sewing and the matching outfits (with butterflies!), dressing the twins and me as if we were triplets, and Annie with all the hand-me-downs in two different sizes.

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Thank you all for the well wishes and condolences.

Grandma had the photo I posted yesterday taken in 1930, upon her graduation from Normal School (Teacher's College).  I'll never forget the first time I saw it -- she'd had it stashed away in a drawer, so it wasn't until I was a teenager (I'd spent a lot of time with photo albums and scrapbooks when we'd visit and thought I hadn't missed much in the way of photos) -- and thinking how beautiful she was (my grandma!), that she looked like a move star!  Those eyes.  That calm, steady gaze.  She was a rock.  And glue.  And paper and scissors, too.

It was time; the past few years have been difficult with Alzheimer's and she has been missed; I am grateful that she is now at peace.

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It was a nice distraction last night to attend an "herb dinner" with Katie, Ali, and my mom; hosted by Dawn Koehler.  With Dawn's guidance, we helped with the preparation (chopping, slicing, mixing) and then sat down to enjoy a fabulous meal together.  It's always been one of my favorite things to do -- in conjunction with the after-meal conversation -- inspired in part, no doubt, by many a big family dinner at my grandmother's various tables.

Besides the traditional basil pesto, we also sampled pestos made with arugula and spinach -- served with goat cheese on crackers to start, and later spooned over pasta.  With our pasta, we also had a tomato basil salad, apple mint fruit salad, grilled herb bread, and sweet potato rosemary oven fries, followed by a sauteed pear in rosemary sauce over vanilla ice cream for dessert.  The herbs and greens all came from Dawn's gardens, which we also toured, and that also made me think of grandma -- though grandma's gardens were always strictly utilitarian, beautiful in their own way, but never designed as or even thought of as part of the "landscaping."  (See "cup holder," above.)

I took a few photos, and meant to take more; but I think I was really meant to just relax, have fun, enjoy the company, and savor it all.

And I did.  I captured some inedible peonies, though.



It sounds like a lovely treat to spend time dinning with friends. Edible peonies? Sounds decadent.


I love that family photo. And your herb dinner sounds wonderful. You and your girls do such fun things!


What a great photo! I am sorry to read about your grandmother but it sounds like you all have found some lovely ways to work through the grief and celebrate her life. Herb dinner sounds wonderful!


My mom used to sew up little matching outfits for my sister and I, too. I think she used the same pattern. . . ;^) Your Grandmother looks so calm and at ease with all of you! What a wonderful photo. Thinking of you!


Vicki -
You are so lucky to have these family pictures...your grandmother is indeed very beautiful! I lost my grandmother in my teens and my mom when I was in my early 30's. I've always thought that we were all cheated by having too little time together. Cherish the are blessed beyond measure!

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