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Ten on Tuesday

Meet "Maple Leaf" and "Mammy"

image from farm2.static.flickr.com 
On the left, "Maple Leaf," 2.8 ounces of absolutely gorgeous red-ish, rust-ish, orange-ish, gold-ish, green-ish Coopworth wool.  On the right, "Mammy," 3.6 ounces of natural, local Shetland wool.  Photographed outside the back door on my "new" chair -- the first one I've brought home in a long while (there was a time it seemed I didn't come home without dragging a chair along with me) and, honestly, the whole family loves it.

image from farm2.static.flickr.com 
Among the herbs (that I've yet to plant) -- some mint, oregano, sage, thyme, something else, and an onion.

image from farm2.static.flickr.com
This would be a good time for smell-o-vision -- or, even better, feel-o-vision.  Sure, the herbs smell great, but it's the yarn!  I can't leave that little ball of Shetland alone, it smells so wonderful and feels so soft and rich!  I'll be making simple knit shawls from these.

image from farm2.static.flickr.com 
Photographed on the old, oft-repaired front porch chair.  This is the wool I brought home from Saturday's market -- from Wheely Wooly Farm.  I want to go visit the farm and hug some sheep!



You share the best yarny experiences!!


Beautiful, woolly goodness! (And yummy herbs, too!)

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