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And then, suddenly, it hits me!

Make mine green

I have much to say about the weekend, but not the time to devote at the moment, except to mention the fruit salad that I had at a party on Saturday and recreated for my family dinner on Sunday, and my new phase.

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It's green; both the salad(s) and my phase.

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I didn't take photos of the salad (either one) and it's hard to photograph a phase, but this yarn I bought on Thursday is quite representative of it all and, in fact, may have signalled the beginning.

Focus On The Noro, above; Focus On The Rowan, below.

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Three skeins of green Noro Cash Iroha that have been in the sale bin the last few times I've visited my LYS, Iris Fine Yarns; they are there no more.  I brought them home with one ball of Rowan Kidsilk Haze.  All are destined to become a Gaia Shrug to brighten up my autumn/winter wardrobe -- to remind me of spring!

The first thing I noticed about the fruit salad brought by a guest to Saturday night's get-together was the colorway (hello, I'm a knitter -- there were knitters, fiber people, artists in attendance!) -- it was GREEN with flecks of BLACKBERRY!  Kiwi, grapes, honeydew, granny smith apples -- all dosed with a little lemon juice (to prevent apple discoloration) and providing the most incredible background for big fat juicy blackberries!  It was amazing to behold.  Then I tasted it and OMG, it tasted even better than it looked!  Providing the knock-out punch was a liberal sprinkling of freshly chopped herbs.  I thought "basil" but the person who made it said "mint" and, while I don't doubt her, I had to try it with basil.  I think it would be MARVELOUS with mint AND basil (but I didn't have any mint)!  It was phenomenal.

I just finished off yesterday's leftovers for lunch.  I think I've found my Summer Salad of 2010 -- open to all sorts of culinary fun and foolery!

As a coincidence, I also bought four different varieties of basil plants at Saturday's markets!



That green is such a happy color!


Love the yarns and the colors and the salad sounds wonderful!


Love green! Love it! And. . . I love basil and mint and blackberries. I want to check out this salad. . . :0)


I can't WAIT to try that salad!!!


that first photo could go in a knitting book. thumbs up. :)

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