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03 June 2010

It's always hip to be square


Hip knitted squares!  And, honestly, they make me so happy!!


I don't think I ever showed my finished random sock yarn log cabin baby blanket.  Despite still needing a few ends woven in and a bath, I threw it on the front porch during a break in the rain last night and before the light faded completely.  Feet for scale in a few; it will surely grow some with blocking.


And with a Parcheesi square!  This is one of four that are finished; the fifth of six is underway and I cannot wait to finish them!  I'm not bored, just anxious to move on to the next part!

It's all rather random and by the seat of my pants, with Janine's pattern for guidance, of course.  Here's what I know for sure:

  • Besides the center red, I'm using a rotation/combination of six colors for the six squares.
  • The red will only be used for the center of the six squares and for the "intersections" of the connecting bands.
  • The brighter orange/yellow will only be used for the six squares.
  • I have a basket full of other colors ready and waiting to join in and be hip!!


Love each and every square! Thank you for showing it and your toesies for scale, too.

Such pretty colors!

I am feeling some MAJOR square love coming on! Gorgeous! I'm inspired.

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