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Ha!  Yeah.  Continuing with the busy...

...and also the fun!  Probably one of my NEW favorite photos of Ali -- at the farmers' market yesterday -- with wonderful assists by Morgan and Abbey.  I'm not sure you'd come across three more vibrant, more beautiful, more amazing young women anywhere... but HERE!  It's a tiny little market -- hard to compete with Appleton's, only a few miles away and, in a few short years, second only to Madison's market in size and attendance -- and many businesses here opt to go there instead -- but really great, too.

Last night, inspired by a recipe called "Little Skewers of Meat" in The Olive and The Caper, we grilled kebabs using beef, pork and goat, along with chunks of zucchini and red pepper, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes -- then wrapped with a grilled pita and pulled of the skewer to make a sandwich -- sort of like a Spiedie, but I completely blew off the whole part about marination.  So, nothing very special, really, but totally YUM.

Today, I have to figure out what to do with all the blueberries, cherries, and rhubarb in the fridge (which, by the way, I just cleaned out this morning!!) ('twas long overdue and, boy, does that feel good).

Walked around the yard with the camera.

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This (above) is what's become of this (below).

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Pretty amazing.  I finally planted all the herbs I bought last week into a giant washtub and then we had a fantastic storm blow through in the early morning hours today, so they are well watered.

I found myself at Wheel and Sprocket with Kate yesterday afternoon looking at bicycles... because, you know, I need something more on my plate!  Heh.  Really, though, Katie has been burning up the road this summer and it's so inspiring!  It makes me want to do it, too!

I'm looking at this one -- a Trek 7.5 WSD.  It's not a road bike -- I can't lean forward and bear weight that way without my hands going numb in two seconds -- but I can keep up on the road with Kate; I sit more upright and it's more comfortable, but not so upright and comfortable that I feel like Elvira Gulch!  I can't help it, that's what comes to MY twisted mind -- I'm sure they're wonderful bikes and they're made for a specific purpose (stealing dogs) and type of rider (wicked witch) -- I know people and love people who ride those bikes -- they're perfectly fine, just not for me.

And look at me, talking as thought it's already mine.  Not quite.  But awfully darn close, I think.

I haven't found a way to burn off this quit-smoking/menopausal weight and I'm so tired of being uncomfortable.  I'd been sitting at a plateau (that I was unhappy with, of course) for years before all that and, five years into the quit and a few years into the other, I think I can safely say that I'm on another.  Let it be known:  I DO NOT WANT TO BE STUCK ON THIS PLATEAU!  I'll gladly go back to the other one!!  This might be my ride there.  Zumba is great, but the schedule doesn't always mesh with mine and, hello, it's summer!  Who wants to be stuck inside?  Also, with my camera bag slung on my back, I can think of no better way to explore Wisconsin's Rustic Roads!

Heh, more of a "ride by and sit a spell" post.  More tomorrow!  Thank you for stopping by!



Let me know what you decide about a bike.. I have the same problems with my hands. DH and I take infrequent rides and an old Dutch fold-up bike has been my stand-by. That, and pedaling along the flat stretches with no hands. Not a great solution.

Lab Cat

Nice bike. I prefer a hybrid bike to a road bike, but "sit up and beg" bikes are a bit too much. I would get my bike out and go for a ride, but we are in the middle of a heat wave and just walking is enough at the moment.

Plateaus are frustrating. I seem to have been stuck on mine for years, despite walking nearly every day and gardening the summer away.

At least now, a lot of the mass is muscle.


Elvira Gulch LOL!
I have a hybrid ( Sedona Giant) that I love. Biking is the gentlest exercise for the knees, highly recommended past a certain age (cough)
Do those rustic roads have hills? My hilly gravelly road kicks my butt every time.


I just sent you an email with a link to my current bike obsession. If only I could *suddenly* inherit $1000. Sigh.


what a delightful picture of Ali and her friends! It captures youth and summer time fun so perfectly! I wish we could bottle their love of life and put it in everyone's water system...what a wonderful world! :)

Good luck with the menopause pounds! I thought it would never happen to me...I once had an amazingly high metabolism. I'll be damned if I can budge those pounds off. I eat healthy meals, but if the truth be known I HATE exercise. I have to change this attitude NOW for my health...I'm carrying an extra 12-15 pounds that need to GO...SOON!


Perfect incentive! Whatever gets us moving and off that plateau. Good work!!!


Great pictures. I just got a bike for kind of the same reasons. I went with a Novara (the REI brand). I know what you mean about the Elvira Gulch bikes - nice but not for me. Sadly I've only been on my bike once since I got it because it turns out that my neighborhood is very hilly (who knew riding in a car) and I can get down the hills but up - not so much.


I've got the extra pounds and the bike, but also the East Coast heat wave to contend with. Soon, though, I've got to get my arse on it!

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