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Eye Candy Friday

Ali and Kevin through the columbine -- the only photo I've processed from a wee photo shoot in the garden a couple of weeks ago.  (I promise I'll get back to these, Ali!)  (We need to do more, elsewhere, too!)

Meanwhile, if I had a train of thought earlier in the week it's been completely derailed.  Any plans I had on Monday for the remainder of this week have completely changed -- a couple of times -- once upon a time I was going to be heading to Milwaukee today -- and that was even before there was a funeral to attend.

It's been on the calendar for months, but it just sunk in while talking with a coworker today, that I have off next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday!  On Monday night, I'll be driving to Wisconsin Dells to spend a couple of days with Mack & Addison while their mom attends a conference.  WooHOO!  Except for the water park part and the fact that they're going to want to get wet and I can't remember the last time I had a swimming suit on this bod -- and surely the last one I wore will, um, fit a little differently now.

It's going to be raining much of the weekend (it is right now -- POURING -- with lightning and thunder, too!) -- I plan to spend it quietly, with family, and getting back on track.

Happy weekend!



Ali is so beautiful (and what a handsome man she has)! You have been running non-stop, my friend. I hope you have some time to breath soon.


What a beautiful, natural photo of your pretty daughter and her future husband. I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your grandmother, she sounded like a very special person. Thank you for always sharing your lovely family with all of us.


My favorite kind of eye candy -- beautiful, happy, relaxed. Lovely. Have a restful weekend, Vicki. Take the time to center and regroup. :-)

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