Make mine green

And then, suddenly, it hits me!

I have all my best thoughts and revelations in front of the mirror.  Some people do their best introspective or world-problem-solving work while lathering up in the shower.  I think the shower serves to clear my head so that I'm in receptive mode while standing in front of the mirror, often with a toothbrush in my mouth or perhaps powder puff in hand.

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Yesterday, it was while brushing my teeth.  Among the thoughts and questions on the loop through my morning brain was, "I wonder why I find an abandoned greenhouse so attractive?"  The answer came looping through a few minutes later -- so stunningly simple, really, I'm almost embarrassed that it's taken so long.

The most common meaning of my German surname is "flower"!

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One of the places we traveled through on our jaunt last Saturday was Two Rivers.  We passed this abandoned (and available) greenhouse on our way to someplace else, but I was compelled to back-track; I drove right in, parked the car, grabbed my camera, and started walking.

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Holy smokes.  It's a GINORMOUS greenhouse, with a bunch of falling down and caving in outbuildings (another favorite) -- some looking suspiciously like one-time chicken coops, but who knows; there were additions made to additions made to additions.

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I did some research...  What?  Just a little!  It was both a wholesale and a retail operation, which explains the GINORMOSITY; it sits on just this side of five-and-a-half acres; it's for sale; I don't know how long it's been non-operational or how long it's been for sale.  Possible clue: the sticker on the floral shop door read "MasterCharge" instead of "MasterCard."

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The funny thing is... None of the thoughts dreams I have about what I'd do with a greenhouse property have anything to do with growing stuff!



But what would you do, besides taking pics? Its derelict state has attractions. Is it even a thinkable price? Of course one woman's thinkable is another's OMG no.


Looks like a wonderful place - for photographs or for growing things. I've long had a greenhouse dream. . . What a wonderful little back-track stop!


You may not grow flowers, but you'd enjoy exploring through the cameras eye every nook, corner, crack, and broken piece of glass and more.


#1 - You used the word GINORMOSITY.
#2 - The second to the last picture took my breath away.
#3 - You do research.



As much as I LOVE gardening, I know that I'd start to hate it right quick if I had a greenhouse operation. Sort of like the blogging -- the minute it starts to feel like an assignment, I can't write. Other times, I can't shut up. Apparently I wasn't meant to be PAID for anything. Heh.

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