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06 May 2010



I came home from the dentist yesterday with a new toothbrush.  And, when I say "new," I mean, "Holy crap, what are those green things? It looks like they might hurt? I've never seen anything like that before!"

I love a new toothbrush, but wasn't sure I was going to love this one.  I do!  I love, love it!  It's so... stimulating, which is the point, I suppose.


A toothbrush is pretty boring, though, so how about some more pretty lilac blossoms?


I can't get enough of them!


My sore throat is MAYBE a little tiny bit better this morning.  Gah!  I hate being sick.


Beautiful macro photos!

The lilacs are love and I can't get enough, either. My dentist gave me a new toothbrush last week. It's a little different than yours and I thought it quite strange, but I like it.

Who knew that a toothbrush and a visit to the dentist could be so exciting! Looks very, um, interesting. ; )

Love the lilacs. Went out yesterday to a garden and the smell was so delicious. I can still smell them when looking at your lovely lilac pictures. Enjoy!

You should so frame those lilac shots and hang them in your house... or in my house! :)

Those lilac blossoms are perfection!

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