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18 May 2010

Northwoods Jaunt, Day 2: Morning Has Broken


At the head of the bed in our room at the farm, instead of a headboard, was a large north-facing window.  As day began to break, all I needed to do was lift my head off the pillow a bit to see the sun rise over the horizon.  I'd wanted to get up early and get out with my camera, but was quite happy with the sunrise situation from bed.

Considering it was a "vacation Saturday," I was up very early -- out right around 6 a.m. -- a fact that I shared with DH's uncle, whose farm this is, when we visited him later in the morning at the long-term care facility where he now lives.  I am very happy with the images I captured on the farm, but my favorite memory -- the one that will come to mind every time I view these photos -- is the happy expression on Uncle's face when I was telling him about my early morning and how much I enjoyed poking around his old farm.


The resident barn cat is the exact opposite in coloring of our Roxie, and much like her in temperament.  This is a barn cat that could just as easily live in the house -- and might even prefer it.

The sailboat in the corn crib was DH's grandfather's.  It hasn't seen the water in quite some time.

We walked down to the cemetery after breakfast.  It was still pretty early... and very dewy.  My jeans were wet and my shoes were squishy as we walked back.


There were cows in the barn recently, but the notes were old, old, old!

While DH continued with the visiting on Saturday afternoon, I had a little break in the action and a most enjoyable visit with Ms. Kmkat at Cafe Wren in Luck, WI.  Cafe Wren is an adorable cafe -- a converted old house, great color, local artwork everywhere -- and offers a fantastic Cranberry Chicken Salad Sandwich for lunch.


This is the third time we've met up to knit, eat, drink, talk and laugh together, and I'm thinkin' it won't be the last.
We have too much fun not to want to do it again!!


Stunning photos, as per usual. Hot dawg, a Liver tractor! Meeting up with friends is one of the biggest joys of life.

The sailboat and the tractor shots are my favourites (today!)
You girls look like you were having a really good time.

Fabulous pix! I love the mostly black cat with the off-center tortie patch. And you got to hang out with kmkat! I am jealous.

What beautiful photos! Makes me want to head North...away from the hussle of NYC where I work!! You two definitely looked like you were enjoying your time together!

Wonderful photos! Today, my favorite is the window. I am an absolute sucker for window shots! What a great way to spend a weekend -- lovely scenery and terrific company! :-)

I now have a sunrise shot of a barn as my new wallpaper. Thanks ;)

Gorgeous photos, as usual, Vicki. What a wonderful way to spend a few leisure days. It's always more fun to sit/knit/chat with fellow knitters!!!! Enjoy the rest of your time up north and keep the photos coming.

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