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11 May 2010

Macro May

Am I easily humored these days, or what?  Every time I think "Macro May," I think "macrame" -- and, trust me, before the month is out there will be a macro shot of macrame for Macro May!


Scamp.  He's the most patient of our three cats when it comes to me and my camera -- especially close -- but this was his limit on Sunday.


Mother's Day tulips from Kate!

Trying to decide whether and/or which lens to rent for the trip to Las Vegas -- I'll have to order soon if I'm gonna -- input welcome!


I know nothing about lenses and whatever your choice the pictures will be amazing. Scamp looks so soft. Great shot!

Awesome macro shots! Mason will not stay still for the camera. He doesn't like the sound of the beep and he runs almost every time I try and get a shot of him. Macrame, huh? I used to do that back in the 70s. I remember the Christmas that everyone got a macrame plant holder!

As for Vegas, my wide angle lens did pretty much everything I wanted but I telephoto lens would be great, too.

I had a loaner 10-24 zoom for the past month and was it ever fun. That's my 2¢!

Almost the cutest nose in catdom - but my little kitty (recently deceased) will ALWAYS take the cake in that department.

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