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21 May 2010


image from farm5.static.flickr.com

A mental image came to mind as I uploaded these photos to the blog of the position I was in, the time of day, and my location in the (front) yard to capture these photos of my Japanese fern.  Um.  Yeah.image from farm5.static.flickr.com 
I forgot to take a Macro May photo yesterday... these are from a few days ago.  I'm a little bit scattered today and seem to be tending a lot of little fires -- and even putting some out!  I'm also jotting down notes left and right -- things to do before I go, things I need to do while I'm gone, things I need to do when I get back.  It's all jumbled up -- mostly in a good way, though.  I'm really looking forward to a fun get-away trip with my sister!!



It's difficult to cross all the Ts and dot all the Is before leaving town. Good luck!

It's amazing how PRODUCTIVE we become when a trip is looming! Best of luck to you, as you tie up all those loose ends.

Enjoy your trip! Lovely photos and I love your lilac header. (yes, I've seen it before but forgot to say how cool I thought it is.)

OMG, those photos are wonderful. Nature in all its perfection AND imperfection. Love it. Hope you have a great trip!

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