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02 April 2010

Who's foolin' who?

The weather was this nice yesterday -- this is after work, while the rice that we were having for dinner cooked on the stove.  Absolutely fantastic, record-breaking weather for April 1st -- and there's more of the same on tap for today.  Simply wonderful.

But I am not fooled.  Even while daffodils are blooming and willows are tinged green, I know that there's a very good chance we'll see April snow.

I'll take it, though.  I'm not complaining.  And, hey, come on over!  I look a little lonely.  There's room for a LOT more knitters!

* * * * *

I heard a Justin Bieber song on the radio for the first time this morning.  Apparently, he's got a #1 song on the radio.  I've seen him and heard OF him for months, but never actually HEARD him 'til now.  Took me right back to remembering my own little pre-teen crushes.  There was talk (on the radio) of Justin's appearance on some Chelsea show that I never heard of before, and I found THIS -- and now I must admit that I'm a little bit in like with them both!

* * * * *

My routine was interrupted this morning -- I don't even remember why -- but I took one look in the mirror at work this morning and realized that I never made it past mascara and into the blush.  Gah!

* * * * *

Things will be shutting down a bit early at work today and I'm going to take Mack to a movie!!  We're going to see How To Train Your Dragon.  (No G-rated movies at the theater during spring break???)


I'd love to join you in your inviting corner and knit the day away (especially with dinner on the stove)! I'd love to join you in your inviting corner and knit the day away (especially with dinner on the stove)! Enjoy the movie (and Mack).Enjoy the movie (and Mack).

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