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05 April 2010


According to my notes in Ravelry, it's been exactly 3 years since I finished Lisa Shobhana Mason's Baby A, published in her book Yarnplay.

Baby A

Mack wasn't even 2!  And now even Addy has outgrown it.  I've loved knitting for those boys and this was definitely one of my favorite projects -- in fact, I always meant to knit it again.

No rush, though, as the original has come home to roost.  It's held up beautifully -- I don't know how many times it's actually been worn (I'll try to find out) -- so I gave it a good bath and will put it away for another baby.

Except for a stupid computer virus thingy that appeared on the home desktop late yesterday -- and that was on my mind and had me up for a few hours in the middle of the night (is it naptime yet? snooooooooze) -- we had a good weekend.  I believe I've eradicated the culprit with the virus software, but it's left a definite mark... hopefully System Restore will work (just this one time, PLEASE???).  Or something.  Bleh.  Is it Friday yet?  Wednesday?


Gosh, I hate computer problems. They rank right up there with car problems, in my book. They both leave you. . . stranded.

Great little sweater!

That baby sweater is way cute. It looks a bit like Sally Melville's Child's Einstein, but I like this one better -- better neck treatment.

Such a cute photo! I loved yarnplay - and the patterns in it - It's a great way to get into the stash and use things up...

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