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Wonderful Wallaby (Random) Wednesday


Double your pleasure, double your hand-knit fun!  I love seeing my handknits in the wild and a scene like this just makes me so very happy.  These sweaters are probably among the most worn and loved, best wearing sweaters I've ever made.  That stripy one isn't going to fit much longer.


The "truck" sweater was commissioned by Mack.  The green and gold version started in Fibonacci sequence and ended (randomly) not in Fibonacci sequence.  These are both Wonderful Wallaby Ravelry sweaters, both knit in stash and/or randomly acquired Mission Falls 1824 Cotton. Love, love, love.


He loves wearing it with the hood up and I love that he loves wearing the hood!

* * * * *

On Sunday night, I made Shrimp Pasta in a Foil Package a la Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman.  I'm rather late to the PW party and I haven't bought her cookbook (yet), but I've made a few of the recipes she's shared online and happily report that they've all been winners.  This last one?  Amazing.

I had printed the recipe a while back, one day when in the mood for shrimp.  I'm pretty sure I printed it based solely on the photo and because "package" was in the title.  I've prepared other things in "packages" of foil or parchment and they've always turned out divine.  I'm a big fan of cooking in packages.  Honestly, when I actually read the recipe, it seemed like a LOT of work and dishes for a "package" meal -- partially cooking everything stove-top and then putting it in the package/oven -- I'm used to more of a dump-and-done package cooking procedure -- so I didn't rush in.  Fool.  It was so good that I haven't been able to stop talking about it!  The ingredients are good, relatively few and, really, I can handle mincing garlic (I completely forgot about the parsley) and opening cans, washing a pasta pot and a skillet!

The recipe serves 8 and I'm going to add "plentifully."  I served three on Sunday night -- two of whom went back for very generous seconds; Rusty and I had it again on Monday night; Katie came over yesterday asking for the recipe and the three of us polished off the rest.  This will be joining my favorite lasagna recipe on the short list for company, and will be a most excellent dish to make on a weekend with an eye on work-day lunches.

* * * * *

I had a couple of very active, different, and exhausting days of work this week -- in a good way.  Out of touch more than usual, though, so I'd like to thank you all for the wonderful comments on Maddy's sweater.  I appreciate them (and you) more than you can ever know.  Thank you.

* * * * *

I have passed the half-way mark on the (re-knit) back of My Habu Sweater!

* * * * *

If I were a woman of leisure, I'd devote the day to seaming Oblique.  But I'm not.  Heh.



great pics of the boys playing! Both sweaters are adorable. Isn't it great when they WEAR themn?????

Geek Knitter

Some day... some very fine day... I'm going to be a woman of leisure.


The boys are as cute as their sweaters!


Wow...they look great!!


The sweaters on the little boys are darling! What spunk and spirit! (I loved hoods when I was a child. Loved them!) I am SO looking for that packaged-shrimp recipe.


Awwww - the sweaters, the boys, the pictures, and the whimsy are simply irresistible. Thanks for sharing your wonderful wonderful wallabies with us. I'm so thrilled that they're being loved to pieces.


Cute sweaters! Yum, that pasta looks divine. I bet you could cheat and start with a really good jarred gourmet pasta sauce.

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