What to wear?

Welcome to my latest obsession

I dug through every box and bag of yarn I could find in an effort to assess my sock yarn situation.  I think I've found some possibilities -- there's a little co-mingling of fingering and sport weight, but I think it'll all work out.

Subject to whimsy and whatever, this selection is by no means definitive.  I'm just so happy to see that I actually have some workable choices.  Clockwise, from bottom left:  Phildar Lambswool -- I have 2 skeins, a long-ago gift/trade from Yvette; Red Barn Farm hand-dyed black cherry; Patons Kroy Socks Stripes; Bernat Argyle Fingering -- this is the vintage yarn, of which I have quite a few skeins of the green-ish, only a couple of the blue-ish; some gorgeous barberpole yarn that I won years ago in a now-blogless Cindy's blog contest, I have two of those; and some Lion Brand Magic Stripes from who-knows-where.


The Magic Stripes is the one that gives me pause, but I think it could be made to work -- in fact, it may even be indispensible.

Also, I am totally prepared to frog my least favorite Hundertwasser Baktus scarf for the cause.

And I discovered that I have the ingredients for something similar, but in more earthy tones.  That is no surprise.  I am a master of neutrals and earth tones.  I wonder if I'd like it.

One random sign that spring is springing: I believe new patterns for market/string bags appearing on Ravelry will soon outnumber new patterns for neckwarmer/cowls.

I'm so happy for the weekend -- 3-dayer.  I'm figuring to sew up a sweater or two -- yaHOO; do a little cleaning and organizing; attend the debut performance on Saturday night of Ali's BF's new band.

Happy, happy.



You've made me wish once again I could visit the coffee shop. (I'm assuming the band debuts there.) The blanket looks like a great addiction! Knit on!


The barberpole yarn is Trekking 100. :)


Looks great!

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