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Randomly, my day off this week was Thursday rather than Wednesday.

Thankfully -- and unexpectedly, though I'd hoped -- they were able to get me in a chair at the salon yesterday!  I called at 9:30 and said, "ASAP" and they said, "How about noon?"

Please forgive, I'm getting used to a new phone/cam.  And it's in the bathroom.  And I'm smirkling (that's typo for "smirking + a little").  I stepped over about 6" in length when I exited the chair and it feels WONDERFUL!!  It's lighter, it swings, it feels like spring.

It's beginning to feel like spring outside, too.  Temp expected in mid-40Fs today and into the next few.  I think I'll be hearing one of my favorite sounds this weekend:  snow melting, as in the constant sound of water running in the gutters and down the storm drains.

I went across the street after my haircut and met Mom at the coffee shop for lunch.  When Ali's relief came in, we all went to buy fabric for cafe curtains, though we were hard-pressed to stay on-task as bridal fabrics, magazines, and patterns proved quite distracting.  Wow.

Anyway.  Maddy will be home this weekend!  Little nephews will be visiting this weekend!!  It's going to be a great weekend!!!



I love it when the salon can fit me in like that - doesn't happen very often, though! Great new haircut. Have fun this weekend.


You look great!! Simple style but very polished, too. You are ready for Spring. Now, if the snow would only melt.... Have a super weekend, Vicki.


LOVE the new cut. I really need to do the same. Your weekend sound wonderful!


You are justified in smirkling -- great haircut, great weekend to show it off!


GREAT new haircut. Man, your hair must grow fast -- six inches on the floor! My hair has NEVER grown longer than shoulder length. It just stops growing at that length, it seems.


Love it! It looks. . . sassy . . . in a professional, polished way. Perfect!

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