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01 March 2010

He ain't heavy

...he's my brother.  Four years ago, we wondered whether a scene like this would ever happen again -- even if we didn't speak or acknowledge such thoughts amongst (or to) ourselves, they were there.  You don't look at a 6'4" guy in an ICU hospital bed, watch the rise and fall of a respirator and listen to beeping monitors without regularly batting away such thoughts.


He made it.  Yay Michael!!  We love ya, bro.



It was a horrible time, I remember it well.

Thank goodness today is a happy day!

May you all have many many lovely times.

My Sisier Vicky is an Angel. Michael


You've brought tears to my eyes! Such beautiful pictures. And not a bad looking family, might I add~ :) xo

So glad to hear that your brother is doing well. I remember that time clearly.... I felt so awful for what you were going through. So nice to see things are better!

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