Marching along

Happy Heart

When I got my driver's license*, I was a senior in high school and my dad had a baby blue 1972 (I think) Toyota Corona**.  It didn't have a radio.  I was a senior in high school.  I needed a radio!  He wired up something salvaged and sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't, and it didn't sound all that great really sounded crappy, but there was crazy magic playin' on the radio, anyway...

So many great songs from my coming of age time. I loved these songs.  Still do.  GIRLS ROCK!  Magic Man, Dreamboat Annie, Kick It Out, Crazy On You, Nothin' At All, These Dreams, Straight On, If Looks Could Kill, Even It Up, Who Will You Run To...

Happy Birthday, Nancy Wilson.

*I actually practiced and took the test in an Olds Vista Cruiser wagon of the era (parallel park THIS!).
**The Corona was a great little car 'til I smushed it into a tree.  RIP.



I love Heart! Magic Man has always been one of my favs and totally makes me think of Dale.


Weirdly, I was just thinking of Heart. I wandered thru Fast Times at Ridgemont High last night on cable, and there was Ann Wilson in the car opposite Brad's!


My first car was a Toyota Corona. I bought it from my dad when he bought a Datsun 280Z for himself. I loved my little beige four door. I loved the full from seat. Alas, mine too ended up smushed. First Car Fate, I suppose.


We saw Heart 2 years ago and they still sounded great. My eldest daughter is a huge fan. Funny how some things really don't change much.

My family had a baby blue Corona too. It was my dad's car and it got stuck in a snow drift one winter during a storm so my dad left it and walked home. the next morning the police knocked on the door early in the morning to tell us it got smushed by a plow. The front was fine but the back was an accordion.

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