Wonderful Wallaby (Random) Wednesday


We've been living in a fog over here for an entire week.  It's finally lifting some today.  The forecast is for cloudy and windy and maybe a bit rainy for the weekend, but there's a stretch of sunshine coming and temps in the 50s.  I can't wait.

The snow is almost gone and I am looking forward to spring!  The allium is from last year's garden -- and I kind of feel like that.  It's time to bust out a little!  Because it was pretty crappy last spring, there wasn't much new in the garden; I'm looking to dig in the dirt and plant some stuff this year!

Other than that...

I have a bunch of pots in the fire, some of them not-so-fun, but I'm trying to keep my balance.  I buckled down and made some amazing headway in the dreaded area of income taxes yesterday.  And I cast off the new and improved back of My Habu Sweater last night!  She's soaking in it, as we speak.  So exciting.

I'll buckle down and do some more in the area of income taxes or mailing list updates or email or website updates (still working on my strategy there).  And at some point I'll pin out My Habu Sweater for blocking.  That will leave the final two Olympic sweaters to be finished needing nothing but seaming and buttons; only one will remain, and that one's destined for unfinishing.

My sister Sharon is coming for the day today, so I'll be taking a break for lunch with her and Mom.  Have I mentioned that Mom's been wearing her Habu Vest every time I've seen her since I delivered it?  It was actually a trifecta the other day -- when the boys were wearing their Wonderful Wallabys, Mom was wearing her vest (and Annie was begging to borrow it) (Mom waited two years for that thing, so Annie was told she'll have to wait, too).

I'm working on coordinating a spa day/overnight get-away with my sisters.  Coming from three directions, we're planning to meet in the middle, spend an afternoon at the spa, find a nice place for dinner, and then just come-what-may and relax into the evening.  Oh, I hope we can work that out -- sooner rather than later!

I also have some photo shoots pending, waiting on improved weather, and we're almost there!  Woohoo!!

Happy weekend.



A spa day! Something to truly look forward to...along with spring!! Enjoy the sunshine when it arrives.

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